Persönlicher Status und Werkzeuge





1961 – 1997:       Chair: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.mult. M. Kirchgeßner

1997 – 2010:       Vacancy

2009:                  Chair: Prof. Dr. K. Eder (temporarily for 3 months)

2009 – 2010:       Vacancy

Since 2010:         Chair: Prof. Dr. W. Windisch

2013:                  Relocation of offices and laboratories to new building “Hans                                               Eisenmann-Zentrum“

2014:                  Closing of the Experimental Station for Animal Nutrition


During the vacancy of more than 10 years since retirement of Prof. Kirchgeßner in 1997 the chair almost completely lost its scientific staff. Currently, the scientific staffs consist of PhD students and young postdocs.

The chair had access to research facilities at experiment field stations (Hirschau and Grünschwaige). During the long vacancy of the chair these field stations were closed and sold.

The Experimental Station for Animal Nutrition (an in-house facility of the chair) remained the last possibility to perform small-scale and in-deep animal nutrition research (precise feed mill, individual housing of livestock animals of different species and category, isotope laboratory for radiotracer studies with animals).

The Experimental Station for Animal Nutrition has been closed since October 2014. The building will be pulled down and replaced by a parking spot in the course of the new building “Hans Eisenmann-Zentrum”. Therefore, precise animal nutrition studies with agricultural livestock cannot be performed any more.

It is planned to establish experimental facilities for cows with ruminal and duodenal fistulas as well as for practical feeding trails with pigs at a different location and on a limited scale.